Wild Animal Law Seminar

Legal Area:        Environmental Natural Resource Criminal Juvenile
Total Credit Hours:        1.50
Ethics Credit Included:        0.00
Registration Fee:        $35.00
Course Materials:        textaudiovideo
Session END DATE:        10/31/2019

** available any time of day and in time increments convenient to you through end date above **

CLEonline.com, together with the Houston Bar Association, are pleased to present a special online CLE program designed to provide an overview of laws applicable when you hunt or otherwise encounter wild animals. Learn about key hunting and conservation rules and ethics. Get information and be knowledgeable in order to help you (or a client) avoid a date with the game wardens. This course features streaming video and audio (as well as downloadable MP3 audio) presentations from a live CLE seminar on this topic that was originally conducted by the Houston Bar Association on September 23, 2016. You can access this presentation on demand at any time during the course of the seminar session.

Some of the subjects for this course include:

    • Statues Summary

    • Parks and Wildlife Penalties

    • Suspension and Revocation of License

    • Taking Wildlife Without Consent of Landowner Prohibited & Punishment

    • Written Consent, Exceeding Bag Limit, Retrieval and Waste of Game

    • Specific Rules and the Dangers of Hunting

    • Exotic and Endangered Species

    • Piranhas in Harris County and Pacu ("demon" or "ball-cutter fish") in the Concho River.

    • Exotic Snakes Loose in Texas

    The speakers for this course are:

    Eric Bily, who is with the Harris County District Attorney's Office. More information may be found on the Harris County District Attorney's website.

    Jim Stinebaugh, who is with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.  More information may be found on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website.

    William Skeen, who is with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.  More information may be found on the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department website.


    This course is approved for credit by the MCLE Committees of the STATE BAR OF TEXAS and the STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA (MCLE Provider #8648).
    These are not self-study credits, but rather 'participatory' credits as you would receive for attending a traditional, live CLE seminar.

    In addition, regular CLE credits for this seminar may also be available in a number of other states through CLE Reciprocity, such as FLORIDA, or as an "Approved Jurisdiction", such as TENNESSEE.  Please check with the Tennessee State Bar for accreditation information.

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