ZZZ Coming Out of the Litigation Closet: How Collaborative Law Can Minimize Damage in Same-Sex Breakups

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Session END DATE:        10/31/2019
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If you thought that the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges solved all of the problems faced by same-sex couples when they try to dissolve their relationships, think again. Questions of the applicability of common law marriage assumptions to same-sex unions, the retroactivity of Texas law applicability when couples married in other states before Obergefell, and the confusion regarding rights to certain benefits of married couples brought about by recent Texas cases, have not brought clarity or easy solutions. Learn how collaborative law can provide a roadmap to resolution for same-sex breakups and for the children in those relationships. This course features streaming video and audio (as well as downloadable MP3 audio) presentations from a live CLE seminar originally conducted by the Houston Bar Association (HBA) on May 4, 2018.

Some of the subjects for this course include:

  • The Supreme Court Speaks

  • Today Texas Presents Different Problems

  • Collaborative Law v. Traditional Adversarial Process

  • Pros and Cons: Re: Communication, Experts, Negotiations, Privacy, and Costs

  • The Five Current "Models" of Collaborative Law Practice

  • Review of the Structural Stages

  • The speaker for this course is: Norma Levine Trusch, Attorney at Law. ┬áMore information may be found on her firm's website.


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