Essential Training for Your Law Office Staff on Confidentiality, Client Relations, the Press and Emergency Conditions ***

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Total Credit Hours:        1.00
Ethics Credit Included:        1.00
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> is pleased to present this unique online course which covers training your staff in matters of confidentiality, handling clients and their property, together with likely emergency situations encountered in law practices. Attorneys are responsible for their staff's actions. A mistake by your staff can lead to serious lapses in professional responsibility and can ultimately result in the dissolution of your firm. In addition, attorneys and their staff have been the victims of identity theft and pretexting, and the procedures discussed in this seminar will assist in managing these risks. This presentation is designed for all attorneys that may have staff, whether in private practice, government or industry. This course features a streaming audio presentation by Herb Kraft, in which he discusses the issues outlined below. The audio presentation is accompanied by cases, ethics opinions and materials that can be included in employee manuals and employee training.

This course provides answers to the following types of questions:

Does your new hire understand client confidentiality?
Could your staff fall victim to pretexting and give confidential information to an unscrupulous investigator?
Does your staff have a procedure when the media calls?
What are counsel's rights if a client demands the entire file?
What should an attorney do if a client drops a smoking shotgun and bottle of meth on their desk and runs?

Subjects to be discussed during this course include:

* Confidentiality of client identities and information
* Difficult clients
* Clients demands when counsel is unavailable
* Client files- copy to clients
* 3rd party requests for information
* Pretexting
* The Press
* Emergencies
* Prospective clients with emergency cases
* Deadlines
* Email
* Metadata
* Personally identifiable materials
* Trash
* Passwords
* Handling client property
* Evidence in a criminal case
* High value items
* Insurance to manage employee risk

The speaker for this course is Mr. Herb Kraft, an attorney and the author of several software programs used by attorneys for over 20 years to generate attorney-client employment arrangements. He has personally applied for fees from state and federal courts at the trial and appeal levels in over 400 cases. Kraft has testified as an expert in fees in state and federal court proceedings. Kraft graduated from Florida State University School of Law in 1983 with high honors, and began practicing in creditor's rights law, and later acted as counsel in several election challenges and civil rights claims. Kraft is now primarily a consultant to multi-national firms on computer software licensing, but still advises law firms on attorneys' fees issues. He resides in Redondo Beach, California.


This course is approved for credit by the STATE BAR OF TEXAS (MCLE Provider #8238) and the STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA (MCLE Provider #8648). In addition, regular CLE credits for this course may also be available in a number of other states through CLE Reciprocity, such as FLORIDA. (PLEASE NOTE: This course does NOT include attendance verification for attorneys licensed in states which require it, such as New York & Tennessee). Please check with your State Bar regarding specific accreditation information.

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